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The Abundance Art Tour on October 26th

Last evening as I reflected on the art tour I’d done during the day, the word “abundance” seemed to summarize pretty much everything. Abundance of original art, abundance of inspiration, abundance of intimate artist conversations, abundance of good feelings between the participants, abundance of laughs, of smiles, of colours, of textures, of ease, and of flow. You get the idea.

It was my absolute pleasure to spend the day with such wonderful tour participants, this time including my son Colin, and to engage so meaningfully with the artists we spent time with. The experience deepened my commitment to bringing groups of people to artists and to art spaces in order to positively impact the artist, the space and the participants. What could be better?

RedLine Gallery – Red and magic

We were honoured to be the first guests of the newly created RedLine Gallery on 17th Avenue. Owner, the “Redheaded Champion of Artistic Expression”, has transformed the front room of her historic apartment into an inviting space to showcase local artists. I was taken into the gallery by artist, Darcy Lesecki, whose work along with that of Frank Keller and Harold Pendergast was being featured. I had a glorious half hour on my own to take in the magic of the space and to set up the Love Art in Calgary table to welcome participants.


Our table of goodies

RedLine interior

RedLine interior showing Frank Keller’s paintings

The paintings by all three artists are powerful and have been skillfully curated in a small space.


Darcy Lisecki’s paintings.


Our group.


Frank Keller’s painting.

Harold was our engaging Artist Host and he spoke comfortably and knowledgeably about the many symbols and metaphors present in his art.


Harold with his yet to be finished painting.


Harold Pendergast’s painting.

Jarvis Hall Fine Art with Carl White – Pastel and gentleness

We were greeted warmly at Jarvis Hall Fine Art by Gallery Manager, Shannon Williamson, and by Artist, Carl White who came in specifically to speak with our group. Yesterday was the last day of Carl’s exhibition “Poems for e” and the work was breathtaking.

Jarvis Hall - Carl's exhibition Chris in front

Tour participant, Chris, in front of Carl’s piece.

Carl’s artist talk impacted each of us differently but profoundly as a result of his honesty, his depth and his kindness. I was reminded that I can have my own unique experience when I view art and that, as a beginning artist myself, telling a very personal story and using mixed media to do so is both valuable and valid.

Carl White - in painting apron

Carl White - How To Live Forever

“How To Live Forever” by Carl White (from Jarvis Hall Website)


Tour participants enjoying a lively chat.

Carl White - Letters To A Little Bird

“Letters To A Little Bird” by Carl White (from Jarvis Hall website)

Carl White - The Familiar Rise & Fall

“The Familiar Rise and Fall” by Carl White (from Jarvis Hall website).

Aaron’s Sidorenko’s Studio – Vibrant colours and raw life

Our experience with Aaron Sidorenko at his studio was rich and fantastic! We were met by Aaron and his delightful young sons, York and Ronin, at the outside entrance to his studio which is located in a wonderful historic brick building. A freight elevator ride led by Ronin started our adventure to the 5th floor where we had a quick tour of other artist’s spaces before entering Aarons studio.


Aaron at the entrance to his studio, his encaustic artwork on the wall.


Me in front of Edward Burtynsky painting by Aaron Sidorenko.


“Meg” by Aaron Sidorenko.



Aaron and tour participants, Katrine and Chris.


Thank you to all the tour participants, some of whom have joined me on numerous tours, for your support and enthusiasm, and to the amazing artists and gallery owners who appreciate what Love Art in Calgary tours bring.

For you!